CSCD IT Support Options

This is our remote control support site where you can enter a support queue for a remote control support session. You can submit a request for a remote control support session further down the screen, in the Issue Submission section below.

CSCD IT has three other online support options:

For telephone support, please always call (817) 884-1448 (click to dial (817) 884-1448) instead of directly dialing IT staff extensions. There you will be presented with a series of menu options:

  1. If you are calling with a new technical issue that does not involve the Tarrant County mainframe, please press 1 to speak to the first available technician. Please always use this option unless you have already worked with someone on this specific issue and need further support.
  2. To continue working with James on an issue reported earlier.
  3. To continue working with Xuemei on an issue reported earlier.
  4. To continue working with Robert on an issue reported earlier.
  5. If you are calling regarding a forgotten password or account lockout on the Tarrant County mainframe, you should first use the self-service password reset service on the mainframe. If you have not enrolled in that system or cannot do that reset, press 5 for the Tarrant County Information Technology Department Customer Support Center. Unfortunately, CSCD IT cannot assist with mainframe lockouts.

Issue Submission Instructions

To enter the support queue, please fill in the Issue Submission section below and click the Submit button. To make sure you are connected to the right support technician, please look at all of the options under Your Issue and select the one most closely related to your issue, and to expedite the support process, please be as descriptive as possible when you Describe Your Issue.

Issue Submission  

Additional Online Resources

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Windows/Active Directory Password/Account Lockout Reset
MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) setup and changes
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This page was last updated on 10/29/2021